Pakistan Community Korea

PCK Membership

Basic Membership

Any Pakistani or korean can join pakistan community Korea as basic member. It is totally free but he/she need to abide by all rules and regulation of PCK. Basic member neither can cost vote not can be member of cabinet but he can attend and participate in social activities of PCK.

Full General Membership

Only Pakistani/Korean Pakistani/ or relative with pakistani can apply for General membership.
General membership will be given to only that person who will pay 10000KRW/month fee on regular basis.
General members will enjoy full package of PCK including his social securities. General member can part of cabinet on basis of election and he/she can cost vote in election of PCK.

Student Membership

Any Pakistan Student who is Korea can Join PCK. Pakistan community Korea offer specail discount on membership fee to Students. A student needs to pay only 5000KRW/month as membership fee of PCK. Student membership will be consider equal to general membership.

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Note: All Type of membership fee can also be paid by once for year. A person who will pay the whole year membership fee once together PCK will give him a specail beautifull PCK souvenir..


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